Industrial Gas-Fired Water Heaters

    • Burkay Genesis®: 85% efficient, ultra low NOx hot water supply boiler
    • 399 – 2,070 MBH input
    • If floor space is limited, the Genenis can be placed outside with an outdoor vent cap

    • Controls every electrical water heater function, including pump operation and main burner ignition, delivers precise temperature management, with ±1º accuracy.
    • Display panel shows current operating status and fault readings
    • Display also shows temperature setpoints, outlet temperature, current inlet/outlet differential (DT) and tank temperature.
    • Included remote temperature sensor when mounted in the storage tank allows the tank temperature to be set and monitored at the water heater.
    • Stage gas firing system prevents short cycling and ensures smooth operation, saves fuel and extends product life.
    • Delivers maximum output when demand is high, reduced firing rates during off peak times.
    • Ultra low NOx operation. Meets SCAQMD Rule 1146.2 air quality standards.
    • Gasketless glasslined headers and copperfinned tubes with extruded integral fins deliver exceptional heat transfer.
    • Copper is lightweight for easier handling and immune to thermal shock.
    • Optional stack rack allows one unit to be stacked on top of another, doubling output within the footprint of a single unit.
    • If floor space is limited, the Genesis water heater can be installed outdoors with an optional outdoor vent cap.
    • Meets ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2004
    • Multiple venting options. All Genesis models can vent vertically in
    • Category I with double wall “B” vent or horizontally in Category IV with AL29-4C stainless steel vent material.
    • Factory start-up included. Required for activating warranty and assuring maximum operating performance.

    • Stage firing – 2 Stages
    • Sealed combustion chamber
    • Stainless steel burners
    • Low NOx operation
    • All bronze circulating pump (shipped loose)
    • On/off switch
    • Adjustable high limit with manual reset
    • Pump delay
    • ASME copper finned tube heat exchanger certified “H” stamped
    • 160 PSI working pressure
    • ASME temperature & pressure relief valve 125#
    • Temperature and pressure gauge
    • Factory mounted flow switch
    • Contacts for air louvers

    • Cupro-nickel heat exchanger
    • Low water cut-off with manual reset & test
    • High & low gas pressure switches with manual reset
    • Stack rack
    • Combustible floor shield (400 – 750)

    Sample specification

    The hot water supply boiler shall be a A. O. Smith Genesis Model GWH______ having an input rating of _________ Btu/hr, a recovery capacity of ______ gallons per hour at a 100° F rise and shall be operated on (Natural Gas) (L.P. Gas). The water-containing section shall be of a “Fin Tube” design, with straight copper tubes having extruded integral fins spaced seven (7) fins per inch. The tubes shall terminate into a one piece, glass lined, cast iron header. There shall be no bolts, gaskets or “O” rings in the head configuration. There shall be access to the front header of the heat exchanger for the purposes of inspection, cleaning or repair. The heat exchanger shall be mounted in a stress-free jacket assembly in order to provide a “free floating design” able to withstand the effects of thermal shock. The hot water supply boiler shall bear the ASME “H” stamp for 160 PSI working pressure and shall be National Board listed. The complete heat exchanger assembly shall carry a five year limited warranty. The hot water supply boiler shall be equipped with a factory supplied circulating pump of sufficient capacity to ensure scale-free heater performance. The pump shall be all bronze and provided for operation on 120 volt, 60 cycle, 1 phase power supply. The combustion chamber shall be sealed and completely enclosed with ceramic fiberboard insulation. A burner/flame observation port shall be provided at both ends of the water heater. The burners shall be a premix design and be constructed of high temperature stainless steel and fire on a horizontal plane. The hot water supply boiler shall be constructed with a heavy gauge galvanized steel jacket assembly, primed and pre-painted on both sides with a minimum dry film thickness of 0.70 mils. The hot water supply boiler shall be certified and listed by C.S.A. International under the latest edition of the harmonized ANSI Z21.13 test standard for the U. S. and Canada. The hot water supply boiler shall comply with the energy efficiency requirements of the latest edition of the ASHRAE 90.1 Standard. The hot water supply boiler shall operate at a minimum of 85% thermal efficiency. The hot water supply boiler shall provide pump delay. Supply voltage shall be 230 V/ 60 Hz or 230 V 50 Hz. The standard control system shall include redundant Proven Pilot Hot Surface Ignition with full flame monitoring capability. Multiple main gas valves with redundant valve seats and built in low gas pressure regulators shall be supplied as standard. Additional standard controls shall include a flow switch, low air/blocked flue pressure switch for each fan, low voltage transformer for the control circuit, 7 amp circuit breaker and an ASME temperature and pressure relief valve. The manufacturer shall verify proper operation of the burners, all controls and the heat exchanger by connection to water and venting for a factory fire test prior to shipping. A factory-authorized certified start up shall be performed before placing the hot water supply boiler into operation. The hot water supply boiler shall be approved for indoor or outdoor installation. Multiple venting options shall be available. Vertical venting systems shall be classified Category I, negative draft, non-condensing, to use type “B” double wall venting materials. Horizontal or direct vent installations require the use of AL29-4C vent materials.

    AMSE H
    CSA certified
    CSA design certified
    CSA low lead content

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