Residential Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis

    A. O. Smith Lily Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System is designed with A. O. Smith’s US patented Side Stream Membrane Technology that provides the highest efficiency with the lowest waste water possible. A. O. Smith offers ”A Comprehensive Savings Package” to our customers with Side Stream Membrane Technology.

    Side Stream Membrane Technology

    A. O. Smith’s RO – Side Stream membrane delivers the highest recovery of water. It can reduce at least 56% of waste water, increase 66% of pure water output and prolong 1,5 times the RO membrane longevity vs. a traditional membrane. Besides, this technology also helps to remove up to 99.9% heavy metals, pesticide residues, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances from the water

    Product Benefits

    • Ready to install and use
    • Easy to clean and move compact cabinet preventing dirt and dust from the system.
    • Highest efficiency with the lowest waste water rate by Side Stream Membrane Technology.
    • Easiest and quickest way to purify Municipal Water.
    • Removal of heavy metals, bacteria, virus, undesired taste and odor from water.
    • A perfect taste of water for drinking, cooking, and all beverages i.e. tea, coffee, ice tea, etc.
    • Easy to change and service Disposable Cartridge System.
    • Ability to follow the functioning of the system by Status Indicators.
    • Two phase alarm system and instant display warning for filter and UV lamp change time (including R.O. Membrane).
    • Safety Protection for leakage and Lack of inlet water.
    • Ability to see filter life by smart e-faucet
    • Ability to use a second water outlet (Second faucet or Refrigerator)

    • Undersink, compact Cabinet Reverse Osmosis System
    • 5 Stages Filtration System
    • Side Stream Membrane Technology
    • 75 GPD (280 Lt./day) Capacity
    • 3.2 G (12 lt.) capacity separate Storage Tank
    • Elegant and user friendly LED display
    • Status Indicators (Working, Water Source, Leakage, Flush, UV, Filter Life)
    • Leakage Sensor and Leakage Alarm
    • Lack of Water Protection and Lack Water Alarm
    • Smart Electronic Faucet with filter replacement indicator
    • PCB Control Auto-flush
    • Composite Flush Valve
    • 38W Pump
    • 230 V AC 50 Hz Transformator
    • Dimensions: 460x488x161 mm
    • Tank Dimensions: 335×280 mm
    • Unit Net Weight: 14 kg.
    • Appropriate for Municipal Water

    CE certification

    Residential Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis










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