Indirect Water Heaters

    • Indirect calorifier solar
    • 78 – 154 kW output
    • 385 – 1007 liter capacity

    • Single-wall spiral heat exchanger
    • PermaGlas Ultra Coat second-generation glass coating technology prevents corrosion
    • Insulated ring base: 70-100mm NEODUL insulation with ABS cover, compliant with Ecodesign regulations
    • Insulated access cover for comprehensive waterside maintenance
    • Replaceable magnesium anode
    • Temperature and pressure valve with stainless steel spring set to 95°C and a maximum water pressure of (10 bar) 1000 kPa
    • Options:
      – Analogue temperature gauge (0-120°C)
      – Electric element heat packs (max 2 x 7,5 kW) flange mounted

    Sample specification

    The tanks shall be A. O. Smith ITE series industrial Indirect hot water storage calorifier, model number _ITE_xxxx (400-1000L) or an approved equal. The tank shall be for vertical installation. Vessel shall be constructed to European Pressure Directive for minimum 10 bar working pressure. Vessel shall be glass-lined, have sacrificial magnesium anode for additional corrosion protection. Entire vessel shall be insulated with 70-100 MM NEODUL insulation with ABS cladding. Heat loss will meet ErP standards. A combined temperature and pressure relieve valve will be factory supplied. A factory installed boiler water/solar heat exchanger will meet or exceed the heating requirement. The heat exchanger will be able to handle up to 110 °C heating fluid (boiler water or glycol). The tank will have the option to install one or two back-up electric element with automatic temperature control and high temperature cut-off.

    CE certification
    ISO 9001
    WRAS certification

    Our range of indirect fired water heaters

    ITS indirect water heater


    ITS indirect water heater


    ITE indirect tank


    HWG water heater


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