Residential Water Treatment Filtration

    A.O. Smith’s fully automated multimedia filtration systems cleans coarse residue, particles, suspended solid matter and materials that cause blurriness in industrial and commercial applications to make your water useable. Multimedia filters are drained during service periods and are cleaned extensively during the backwash period. This feature refreshes your system and increases its operational lifespan. Multimedia filtration systems are designed at the required flow rates and allow you to obtain high rates of efficiency.


    • Low operating costs
    • Automatic back washing process that does not require human interaction
    • Ease of operation without the need for an operator

    • Corrosion resistant FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) housing

    • Programmable automatic valve

    • Automatic back wash timer

    • 3-6 bar operating pressure

    • Max. 10 bar test pressure

    • Max. 40 °C operating temperature

    • 4 different sizes of media content

    • Electrical supply 220 V/50 Hz

    MMF library

    Residential Water Treatment Filtration






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