Residential Heat pump

The Voltex AL Smart Hybrid Electric heat pump water heater from A. O. Smith is the most cost-effective, energy-efficient option available for consumers who want to save money on their utility bills. Voltex AL combines annual savings on utility bills with new leak protection features to support homeowner peace of mind like leak detection and optional automatic water shutoff.

  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Leak protection technology
  • Electronic controls
  • Quiet operation
  • Flexible design
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Easily accessible front mounted junction box
  • Environmentally friendly, non-CFC foam insulation
  • Durable, enhanced-flow brass drain valve.
  • CSA certified and ASME rated temperature & pressure relief valve.

Multiple operating modes:

Choose from multiple modes to match water heating needs and environmental conditions:
o Hybrid (Default): Hot water delivery balanced with energy saving performance
o Heat Pump: Maximum energy efficiency
o Electric: Uses only the electric heating elements
o Vacation: Reduce energy use while you are away

Sample specification

Absorb ambient heat from the surrounding air to heat water using a compressor

  • Self-contained heat pump unit is integrated into the top of the tank
  • Backup electric elements can supplement the heat pump depending on operating mode, environmental conditions, and hot water demand
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CSA low lead content
Energy star label
UL listed product

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VOLTEX® Hybrid Electric Heatpump

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