Commercial Water Treatment Filtration

    With Carbon Filtration Systems, all the taste, odor, color, chlorine and chlorine compounds, as well as organic substances, that are or likely to be found in your water are filtrated. The “Active Carbon Mineral” within the device retains the organic molecules causing odor, taste and color defects in water and those already existing in water. Chlorine which is present in water freely and causes unpleasant odors is eliminated via this layer. Equipped with fully automated control systems, this device automatically performs the required back wash and regeneration processes at certain intervals, as determined by a program that is configured at the beginning, at any time, without the need for human intervention.


    • A. O. Smith active carbon systems are designed according to the drinking water and running water needs of businesses with the greatest need for water at the highest capacities in the industrial area.
    • Further, active carbon filtration systems also ensure that fine residues are expelled from water thanks to their porous structure. Therefore, with the back-wash procedure, the economic life and service quality of your active carbon filtration systems are extended.


    • Time-controlled back wash
    • 10 different regeneration cycle option
    • FRP Tank
    • Manual bleed valve and tank drain valve sample taps (on the system input/output lines)
    • Manometers (on the system input-output line)
    • Ease of operation without the need for operators
    • Automated back wash procedure without the need for human interference
    • High quality resin in compliance with the food regulation
    • System preferences for different flow rates and capacities

    Commercial Water Treatment Filtration



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