Industrial Gas-Fired Water Heaters

    • Condensing high efficiency water heater
    • A label classification
    • 31 – 121.8 kW output
    • 217 – 480 liter capacity
    • With elaborate electronic controls

    • Fully room-sealed condensing high efficiency water heater 97%; hot water demand efficiency rating A: 90 to 93%
    • Hot water carbon steel storage tank with A. O. Smith specifically developed glass lining for a long lasting corrosion protection; test pressure 12 bar, maximum allowed working pressure 8 bar.
    • Tank supplied with factory installed brass nipples on hot and cold water connection
    • 50 mm two component foam insulation, encased in steel bonderized jacket
    • Automatic gas/air premix burning system including burner modulation
    • Delivered with low-maintenance inert anodes
    • NOx emission ≤ 30 ppm (dry – air free) – NOx class 5
    • Whisper quiet operation (<45 dB(A) at 2m distance from duct)
    • Immersed electronic accurate temperature sensor.
    • Electronic controls allowing variable temperature setting with week program, anti legionella program, status, fault indication
    • Control panel with display showing power on, actual temperatures, set temperatures and status
    • Flexible flue options (maximum length 100m including long horizontal run) allow installations to be placed almost anywhere
    • Flue gas temperature maximum 65°C
    • Easy fault diagnosis and computer controlled digital week timer
    • Programmable for legionella purge cycle
    • Voltagefree contact for general fault indication to BMS
    • BFC Cyclone 80-120 are delivered on steel base for convenient transport and installation
    • Options:
      –  BMS Modbus protocol interface
      –  Dual service module combining water heating and space heating

    Sample specification

    Gas-fired water heater will be an A. O. Smith BFC series or equivalent. Condensing direct gas-fired water heater with 8 bar rated and 12 bar tested glass lined tank, foam insulated and meeting energy class A per European regulations. Glass lining to be made by the water heater manufacturer to ensure glass matches the thermal and physic expansion properties of the steel. Heater will have a modulating pre-mix gas burner with automatic gas/air mixture regulation, easily converted from LP to Natural gas. Internal double loop spiral burner chamber and heat exchanger will ensure a 97% heat transfer efficiency and prevent calcium build up on heat exchanger. Burner will be low NOx (≤ 30PPM) and low noise. Low maintenance inert electric anodes to ensure additional corrosion protection. Heater will have electronic programmable controls with week programs, status and fault indication on display, anti-legionella cycle, programmable circulation pump relay and BMS connection for fault report. Heater will be factory supplied with brass hot and cold water connection and drain valve. Venting material to be supplied by water heater manufacturer to ensure easy long distance safe flue gas discarding up to 100 meter.

    Gas appliances regulation
    ISO 9001
    ISO 14001
    ROHS certification
    WRAS certification
    CE certification

    Our range of industrial gas-fired water heaters

    BFC condensing water heater

    BFC Cyclone

    HW water heater small

    HW 120-225M

    HW burkay water heater

    HW 300-670

    Acu-temp products

    Ac-U-temp system

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