Industrial Solar Thermal Water Heaters

  • Solar thermal collectors
  • Available for building on roof or in roof, flat roofs (frame) and wall mounting (frame)
  • Optional drain back system
  • Approved by EN12975-2-2006 and Solar Keymark certified
  • Temperature resistant up to 200ºC
  • Installation options: roof unit (SPBO), built into the roof (SPBI), flat-roof mounting console (SPFR), wall-mounted console (SPWL)
  • Simple installation system even with multiple collectors
  • The system is supplied with all parts needed for complete installation
  • The entire package is available as a single order number
  • Patented drainback system to prevent stagnation temperature is available as an accessory
  • Sets are available in two versions: with copper absorber and meander, or with copper absorber and aluminum meander
  • Frame construction collectors can be delivered with or without concrete blocks
  • All sets can be delivered in horzontal or vertical aligned collectors
  • Can be set up with up to 15 collectors

Sample specification

Solar collectors will have a fully copper collector absorber plate and copper meandering tubes, welded with ultra sound welding process, encased in aluminum weather resistant profile. Rear side will be stucco sheet to prevent corrosion. Insulation will be minimum 60 mm rockwool. The copper solar absorption plate will have a vacuum applied sputtered absorption layer on the absorber for maximum efficiency. Working pressure of the collector will be 6 bar, tested at 10 bar. Collector will be suitable for high temperature glycol solar fluid. Collectors will be equipped with a drain back tank to prevent over heating of solar fluid. Collectors will be complying with EN12975-1:2011-01 and EN12975-2:2006-6 and current CEN-Keymark. Solar glass will be SPF certified.

CE certification
Keymark DIN certified

Our range of industrial solar thermal water heaters

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