Industrial Gas-Fired Water Heaters

  • Energy-saving copper heat exchanger.
  • 120,000 – 225,000 input rating BTU/hour
  • Rustproof because water comes in contact with nothing but copper, brass or bronze
  • Copper transfers heat eight times faster than ferrous metals yet offer remarkable structural strength without excessive weight
  • Free from the effects of thermal shock
  • Continuous coils of tightly wound copper tubing form a unique combustion chamber
  • Water circulating thru the coils, around the flame, captures radiant heat which may otherwise be lost
  • Developed especially for A. O. Smith water heaters using the very latest burner principles
  • Water moving at two to four feet per second helps to prevent lime buildup and also scrubs extra heat from the copper coil combustion chamber
  • Proven pilot ignition system provides flame failure response in less than one second
  • Redundant high limit controls and gas valves assure safe shutoff in the event of overheating or flame failure
  • Requires 120V 60Hz, maximum inlet gas pressure of 14” WC and activation of heater by external temperature control
  • Patented thermal balancer functions as a pump shutoff delay switch
  • It allows the pump and heater to activate simultaneously but delays pump shut off for 120 ± 30 seconds after heater shuts down
  • This allows the high temperature water to clear the heater thus utilizing all heat that had been generated plus educing the scale forming tendencies of motionless hot water
  • Pressure relief valve 125 psi
  • Main burner is factory adjusted for gas required
  • Prefinished jacket with a bonderized coating followed by a baked on enamel finish
  • All models are design-certified by CSA International, according to ANSI Z21.10.3 – CSA 4.9 standards governing Circulating Water Heaters
  • Models are ASME certified and are design-certified by NSF International to NSF Sanitation 5
  • Models meet the thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements of the U. S. Department of Energy and current edition of ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1.
  • Working pressure 160 psi

Sample specification

Water heater(s) shall be model no. ____________ as manufactured by A. O. Smith, or an approved equal. Heater(s) shall be gas-fired, as certified by CSA International, NSF capable of supplying _____ GPH at 100°F temperature rise when equipped to burn __________ gas, and bear the ASME code symbol. Heater(s) shall be reverse flow type having all non-ferrous waterways, and employing a copper-finned heat exchanger and a tightly wound copper coil combustion chamber. Water heater(s) shall be equipped with an electric gas valve of the step-opening type, a 195° auto-reset fixed high limit control which will break the electric circuit on temperature rise, intermittent electronic ignition with one second shutdown in the event of pilot flame failure, a gas pressure regulator properly set for the gas to be supplied, stainless steel main burners, and a coil limit switch for shutoff in event of excessive water temperature, thermal balancer (Models HW-200M and HW-225M), and a certified draft diverter. Certified for combustible flooring. Outer jacket shall be of baked enamel finish. Fully illustrated instruction manual to be included. Coil, heat exchanger and burner shall have a five year limited warranty as outlined in the written warranty.

CSA low lead content
CSA design certified
NSF certified

Our range of industrial gas-fired water heaters

BFC condensing water heater

BFC Cyclone

HW water heater small

HW 120-225M

HW burkay water heater

HW 300-670

Acu-temp products

Ac-U-temp system

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