Commercial Water Treatment Softening

    A.O. Smith Maxim Series tandem water softener system allows for an advanced-level lime removal, thanks to their high quality resin and cutting-edge technology regeneration technique in industrial areas. Thus, the damage and inconveniences caused by hard water are prevented. Our Maxim series systems are designed as tandem systems with time or flow rate controlled operation and provide regeneration according to the amount of water flowing.


    • Ease of operation without the need for operators
    • Automated back wash procedure without the need for human interference
    • Time or Flow Rate controlled option
    • In Maxim Series tandem water softener systems, when one tank is in wash, the other tank comes into service for uninterrupted performance

    • FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) body that is resistant to corrosion
    • Protective cover for the salt tank
    • Programmable automated valve
    • Automated back wash timer
    • 3-6 bars operating pressure
    • Max. 10 bars test pressure
    • Max. 40°C operating temperature
    • Resin mineral in compliance with food regulations
    • Electrical supply
    • 220 V/50 Hz

    Maxim Tandem library

    Commercial Water Treatment Softening


    Maxim Tandem

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