Residential Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis

    A. O. Smith Water Technologies offers best solutions for your need of fresh, clean and soft water at your home. With our residential product range, the best possible solution with the best technology and elegance is guaranteed. Our residential R.O models will provide your needs with the most current and advanced water treatment technology including patented Side Stream Membrane Technology.

    Side Stream Membrane Technology

    A. O. Smith’s RO – Side Stream membrane delivers the highest recovery of water. It can reduce at least 56% of waste water, increase 66% of pure water output and prolong 1,5 times the RO membrane longevity vs. a traditional membrane. Besides, this technology also helps to remove up to 99.9% heavy metals, pesticide residues, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances from the water

    • Ready to use, undersink Cabinet R.O system
    • 5 Stages R.O. Water Treament System
    • (5 μm Sediment Filter, Pre GAC Filter, 1 μm Sediment Filter,
    • Side Stream Membrane, Composite GAC&Mineral Filter)
    • Patented Side Stream Membrane
    • 75 GPD – Max. 280 L./day Water treatment capacity
    • 2,5G – 9,5 L. Storage Tank Capacity inside
    • Easy to use and change, inline quick change type cartridges
    • Elegant and user friendly LED display
    • Filter Replacement Indicators
    • Status Indicators (Working, Water Source,
    • Water Tank Full, RO Membrane Replacement)
    • Lack of Water Protection and Lack Water Alarm
    • Leakage Sensor and Leakage Alarm
    • Composite Flush Valve
    • PCB Control Auto-flush
    • Appropriate for municipal water
    • Osmosis Faucet
    • 36 W Pump power
    • 230V AC 50 Hz Transformator
    • 270x410x420 mm
    • 11 kg. Net Weight

    CE certification

    Daisy library

    Residential Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis

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