Residential Electric Water Heaters

    • Wall hung electric water heater
    • 50 – 100 litre capacity
    • 1.2 – 2.5 kW input

    • Proven U. S. designed strong steel tank with the A. O. Smith manufactured special cobalt enhanced glass coating fused to the steel ensuring long lifetime and resistance to scale build up.
    • Factory installed brackets for wall mounted installation
    • Thick injected CFC free foam insulation 22mm thick along the sides, 40mm on top of the heater, minimizing heat losses.
    • The tanks are tested at 16 bar hydrostatic pressure to meet strict CE standards. This results in a rated working pressure of 8 bar. Models sold in Saudi comply to the SASO standard, so maximum rated working pressure is reduced to 6 bar.
    • Flange: all major parts are mounted on a stainless steel flange allowing easy maintenance and cleaning of the tank if required.
      – An electric commercial grade incoloy heating element with a low watt density, making it very suitable for usage in hard water areas.
      – A manual high temperature safety thermostat cuts of power supply to the heating element in case of overheating
      – A large magnesium replaceable anode
    • Stainless steel hot water outlet pipe and cold water inlet with diffuser
    • Accessories supplied with the water heaters:
      – Thermometer with a clear indication of water temperature
      – Inlet mounted combined pressure relieve valve, non-return valve and drain valve for hose connection
      – For SASO models only: a top mounted additional relieve valve is included.
      – Pilot light indicating operation of the heating element
    • The water heater is suitable for operation on 220 to 240 Volt single phase power supply
    • Code compliance: CE, IEC 60335, SASO, 930

    Sample specification

    The water heater shall be A.O. Smith model — electric wall hung water heater. The water heater shall be rated for – kW and 220-240 Volts, single phase 50/60 Hz AC power supply. The storage capacity shall be 45/70/90 Liter. The water heaters tank will have a test pressure of 16 bar and a rated maximum working pressure of 8 bar. The tank shall be from steel fused with glass manufactured by A.O. Smith specially for use with water heaters to form an un-detachable lining. A magnesium anode will be provided for further protection of the tank. Inlet will be of stainless steel and incorporate a diffuser to prevent mixing of incoming cold water with hot water in the tank. The outlet pipe will be of stainless steel and draw from the top of the tank. The controls will include control thermostat and high temperature cut-off thermostat. The heating element will be made of incoloy. The water heater shall be supplied with combined pressure safety valve, check valve and drain valve with hose connection. Tank will have 5 year factory warranty against leakage, parts will have one year warranty.

    CE certification

    Residential Electric Water Heaters

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