Food Service Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis

    The Lotus 75M model utilizes the most current and advanced water treatment Technology: Reverse Osmosis (RO). RO Technology removes the contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria, virus from the water by  filtering the molecular structure of the municipal water. By this advanced technology, easiest and the most rapid way to obtain fresh and healthy will be possible. Lotus 75M model RO system is located within a single and compact cabinet.

    Lotus 75M model’s compact design can easily fit under your sink and prevents any dust and dirt reach the water treatment system. RO system has 75 GPD membrane, which means max. 280 l/day water treatment capacity. The model has five stage water filtration system.


    • Fastest and easy way to treat brackish and municipal water.
    • Removal of water contaminant like heavy metals, bacteria, virus and unpleasant taste and odor.
    • Perfect taste for cooking food, potable water, tea and coffee.
    • Easy to move and clean cabinet system to prevent dirt and dust.
    • Easy to change and service Quick Connect filter housing system.
    • Sterile and Ready to use system.

    • Undersink compact cabinet system
    • 5 Stages RO Water Treatment System
    • 75 GPD – Max. 280l/day Water treatment capacity
    • 2,5G – 9,5 l Storage Tank Capacity
    • 13 W Pump power
    • 270x410x420 mm
    • 10,5 kg. Net Weight


    • ¼” White Hose
    • Black Filter Wrench
    • Fittings
    • Goose neck Osmosis Faucet

    CE certification

    Lotus 75M library

    Food Service Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis

    LAL 550FS



    Lotus 75M

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