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Maxim Tandem



Frezya 300S



Water is used in many commercial applications. The type of water treatment utilized in a system will largely depend on the desired levels of the final water makeup. Examples of applications are: offices, medical and laboratory applications, dry cleaning and laundromats, barbers and hairdressers, spa’s and pools.

For food service we have a specific category Food service with a complete range of products specifically selected for this industry.

In the commercial section we have filtration, softening, reverse osmosis and UV products. These products are all selected based on the capability of processing a lot of water in a relatively short period of time. This ensures your business is never without treated water.

If you do not only require treated water, but also hot water, A. O. Smith also has a large range of water heating products available.

In this category you can find the commercial water treatment products we have selected. Should you have any inquiries about these, please don’t hesitate to contact us.