Industrial Water Treatment Filtration

    Automatic Sand Filtration System
    Fully automatic sand filtration system provides usable water by filtrating coarse sediment, particles, suspended solids and turbid materials. Filters are cleaned automatically by backwashing. Multimedia filtration system can be designed at the required flow rates.

    Activated Carbon Filtration System
    Active carbon filter can be used to remove odor, chlorine and its compounds, detergent residue, industrial wastes, dissolved organic substances, petroleum and asbestos.
    Activated Carbon Filters are backwashed with fully automatic time control valve or surface piped control system.

    Arsenic Filtration System
    A. O. Smith arsenic treatment system is supported by chemicals and reduces the arsenic in the water below the limit values ​​thanks to the special arsenic retaining mineral used.

    Calcite – Dolamite Filtration System
    Low pH product water is passed through the dolomite unit and the amount of calcium, magnesium and carbonate in the water is increased. In this way, remineralization process is carried out. All models are manually controlled.

    Iron – Manganese Filtration System
    With A. O. Smith Iron-Mangan filtration systems, it removes the iron and manganese likely to be in your water from your water by oxidation-filtration method.

    MMF library

    Industrial Water Treatment Filtration

    Multi media filtration systems



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