Industrial Gas-Fired Water Heaters

    • The “total system” concept – We have taken our highly efficient equipment and created a convenient package; a complete domestic hot water system.

    • The installer simply connects the flue, gas, electric supply, cold water make-up, and  hot water supply (Building return loops connect to cold water make-up.)
    • These complete hot water systems are factory-engineered and assembled to assure proper pipe, pump and wiring sizing
    • Systems are pre-piped and wired to guarantee maximum system efficiency
    • Each Ac-U-Temp system is hydrostatic and fire tested before shipping from the factory
    • Each Ac-U-Temp storage tank is especially designed with tank opening locations
    • that provide maximum tank draw efficiency and eliminate any unnecessary piping and connections
    • The Ac-U-Tanks are factory standard ASME constructed steel tanks with the same superior glass lining that has set new standards for the tank industry
    • Tank capacities range from 80 gallons to 2,500 gallons (other tank sizes available)
    • ASME temperature and pressure relief valve 125#
    • Tank temperature sensor
    • Tank thermometer
    • Isolation valves (reliable ball valves)
    • Channel iron skid
    • 125 PSI tank construction
    • Factory sized and supplied pump
    • All Ac-U-Temp Systems are built-to-order, and can be precisely designed to specifically meet your specifications
    • Many combinations of heaters and tanks are available
    • High recovery systems that can meet any hot water demand
    • Systems can be designed to provide 50 to 100% electric back-up
    • Heaters can be on & off fired, or sequenced to meet changing system demands
    • Sequenced multi-unit systems that employ relatively small storage tanks are ideal for applications with constant, yet fluctuating hot water demands
    • For applications with low ceiling heights or unique installation challenges
    • Ac-U-Temp storage tanks can be specified with heat exchangers; allows winter/summer heating operation
    • Complete control packages can be factory installed for hook-up and run capability

    Sample specification

    The hot water supply system – shall consist of A. O. Smith Ac-U-Temp® factory-assembled system model no. _________. System shall be completely factory-assembled and shall include the A. O. Smith copper heat exchanger circulating water heater(s), with input of _______ BTU/H for _______ gas and recovery capacity of _______ gph, and the A. O. Smith glass lined (cement/epoxy) hot water storage tank with ______ gallon capacity for ________ mounting (vertical-horizontal). System shall include properly sized circulator, inlet and outlet thermometers, tank temperature thermometer, relief valve, and tank temperature control. Entire system shall be rigidly mounted on welded steel skid base and shipped assembled to job site (Ac-U-Temp systems employing tanks too large for shipping as an assembled unit, will be shipped with the tank mounted on a split bolt-together skid).

    CSA certified
    CSA design certified
    CSA low lead content

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