Industrial Gas-Fired Water Heaters

    • Burkay hot water supply boiler
    • 300,000 – 670,000 input rating BTU/hour

    • All castings are made of bronze or brass
    • All water tubes are made from copper
    • Brazed joints or flare union construction make the boiler immune to the effects of thermal shock and thermal cycling
    • A great boiler for domestic hot water supply
    • The efficient copper coil combustion chamber is a heat exchanger formed from a two passage coil of tightly wound continuous copper tube
    • Water circulating through this coil surrounds the main burner and captures the radiant heat
    • A wrap of insulation on the outside of the coil retains the heat captured by the circulating water
    • Directly above the coil and the main burner is a compact, horizontal, copper fin tube heat exchanger
    • The flue gases must pass through this efficient heat exchanger before leaving the boiler
    • This unique Burkay coil and heat exchanger design provide maximum heat transfer and proven field durability
    • The patented Burkay burner uses primary air injection at up to 72 individual orifices plus secondary entrainment of air
    • Approved for installation on combustible floors as shipped from factory
    • Slow opening redundant gas valves ensure smooth light-off without flame roll-out or pilot outage
    • Patented pump delay system that allows boiler and pump to run simultaneously
    • but delays pump shut off at end of heating cycle to remove usable heat from the heat exchanger and reduce the scale forming tendencies of motionless hot water
    • Proven pilot ignition system provides flame failure response in under one second
    • Redundant high limit controls and gas valves assure safe shutoff in the event of overheating or flame failure
    • Requires 120V 60Hz, maximum inlet gas pressure of 14” WC and activation of boiler by external temperature control
    • ASME approved, hydrostatically tested and certified for 160 psi
    • Ships with ASME 125 psi relief valve
    • These models meet the thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements of the U. S. Department of Energy and current edition ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1.

    Sample specification

    Hot water supply boiler for domestic hot water purposes shall be model(s) no __________________ as manufactured by A. O. Smith or an approved equal. Boiler(s) shall be gas-fired, and design-certified by an ANSI approved/accredited independent rating laboratory, capable of supplying _____ gph at 100°F temperature rise equipped to burn __________ gas, with input rating of _____ BTU/hr. and bearing the ASME code symbol. Boiler(s) shall be up flow type having all nonferrous waterways, and employing a copper finned heat exchanger and a tightly wound copper coil combustion chamber with 160 psi working pressure rating. Boiler(s) shall be equipped with an electric gas valve of the step-opening type, an adjustable limit control which will break the electric circuit on temperature rise, intermittent ignition with one second shutdown in the event of pilot flame failure, a gas pressure regulator properly set for the gas to be supplied, and a coil limit switch for shut off in event of excessive water temperature, a certified draft diverter and a fully illustrated instruction manual. Certified for installation on combustible flooring. Outer jacket shall be of baked enamel finish. The coil, heat exchanger and burner shall have a five year limited warranty as outlined in the written warranty.

    AMSE H
    CSA low lead content
    CSA design certified

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